Friday, July 9, 2010

Fail Without Losing Enthusiam

Dear Royal Subjects -

Day 3!  I am so excited!  I have made a commitment to myself to read for 30 minutes a day and so far I am doing it.  Ok, ok, 3 days isn't exactly sticking to the training for a marathon, but hey it is 3 days more than none and I am going to use it to MOTIVATE me!  I just read a quote that said "Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm" by Winston Churchill.  Now I am so on board with allowing your failures to MOTIVATE you as well.  However, why not let a few small successes allow you to be motivated too!  Maybe our struggles are that we make commitments to ourselves that are just too big, or that we have a HABIT or already failing.  I think perhaps if we make small commitments to ourselves, and baby step our way into learning how to trust and love ourselves that might be the key.

Oddly enough one of my mentors is FLYLADY (  I have never met her.  I read her daily testimonials and follow her program the best I can.  She tells us that we can do anything for 15 minutes.  She doesn't say we can do anything in 4 hours or 30 days.  You see, those time periods are just too big.  If we are going to focus on our self we have to know our limitations.  We WILL NOT stop taking care of our family or our husband or our job.  However, we do have to Finally Love Yourself (FLY) to be able to love others.  So I almost think that I might have overdone it with 30 minutes a day - but hey it is a stretch goal.

On an even more positive side, this little blog experiment of mine was the fault of my dear friend "The Goddess" (a.k.a. Jacqueline Gates).  Although she is looking for and found sound mentors, in her journey she has become the mentor of others that are searching for ways to keep commitments to themselves as well.  She encourages us to have a Goddess Worthy Lifestyle (in my case I want to live like the Queen I am, not quite a Goddess).  She has inspired others through me as well, that have inspired others.  I saw on my dear friend Melissa Lasko's website that two of my dear friends on facebook have decided to follow her fabulous website.  The interesting thing is these two ladies are not mothers.  I think perhaps that Melissa thought she would share insight into her life as a mother, but she has shared insight and humor into her life as a woman - and that may dear is INSPIRING!

So, I love these ladies.  It has taken me outside my comfort zone (thanks Goddess).  I have invited my dear mother on a trip with me to MN next week for work.  This is huge for me.  It is an act of forgiveness and moving on.  I have sent an apology to a family member that deserves one.  In my enthusiasm for a project I was working on I hurt her feelings and I am sorry for that.  As she stated so clear, I didn't think before I opened by mouth.  I sent a heart felt, extremely difficult, and well needed apology to a previous friend that deserved it, knowing full well that it will not heal him or take away the previous wrongs but I needed to do it to be able to move on myself. 

Last but not least I accepted a lunch invitation from a previous dear friend that I have lost touch with and have committed to call another "previous" but again renewed friend  today and just have a talk.  I am most excited about this as I didn't see the gem of a friend that I had in front of me.  It seems dear subjects that I have turned some sort of corner in my life.  I am truely scared and excited to see where this takes me.  And dear ones ... I really think reading "The Speed of Trust" may have help me on my way.

All my love,
The Queen

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