Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Experiment in Being Nice

My dear royal subjects:

So I have started my own experiment.  I have started trying very hard to be nice to others.  Now you all may say that for the most part you think that I am already nice to others.  Well, that is true, sort of.  You see, just like some of you I often pretend that I am being nice while internally I am either jealous of that person and the success or the positive things they have in their life OR I am just plain thinking of what I want to say next.  Now do you think that I am always nice?  The other thing that I found I do is that I am nice to those that I am immediately interacting with, but I do not do enough random acts of kindness (RAC).  So me and my RAC (lol) are going on the road! 

My experiment is really about me!  Isn't it always?  I am going to find a way each and every day for the next week to be kind to someone or some unknown someone that I normally would not interact with at all.  The experiment part, I have a hypothesis: I will not be able to help being in a good mood if I contribute to the good mood of someone else.  So, yesterday when my family and I went on a walk around our neighborhood I picked up a few garbage items so that I could toss them away when I returned home.  It made me feel good.  Now I can not say whether it made anyone else feel good or have a better day, but it sure did make me feel good.  Also, my dear children saw me doing this and asked about it.  I hope that they will now do random acts of good things too. 

Today, I sent a oovoo message to everyone on my contact list with what I think is great about them.  I admit in the end I got so much more back than I offered, and several said that I made their day!  I am in a fantastic mood of course, and I would say day 1 is proving that my hypothesis is true. 

So, what will it mean if the entire week is a success and I prove the hypothesis true?  Well, that is easy.  it means that if ever I am not in a good mood, all I should have to do is something nice for someone else that needs it and I should be able to get out of my funk.  Also, it means that I am in control of how I feel and how I react to a situtation.  Let the games begin!

Queen Jackie

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